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As required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Abels carried out a survey of workforce diversity during  February 2017.  This was done on a completely voluntary basis and there was no requirement for any member of staff to take part.  Questionnaire forms were given to all members of staff and they were asked to answer various questions and to return those forms anonymously.  Just over 50% of the workforce returned completed questionnaires.

Out of those who responded to the questionnaires three people described themselves as partner, member or director of the firm, four as other fee earners and six as other employee or staff member.  The age range of those who responded was spread fairly evenly between the age groups of 35 to 55, two under 24 and one over 55 .  Questionnaires were returned by ten female members of staff and three male members of staff.  With regard to questions concerning education ten people stated that they had been educated at a UK State School and two at a UK Independent Fee paying school and one schooled in a non-uk school.  Four of those who responded to the questionnaires stated that they were part of a first generation of family to go to university, seven stated that they did not attend university.  All of those responding to the questionnaires indicated that they came from a white  background.


Six of the respondents to the questionnaires indicated that they were the primary carer for children under 18 and two had other caring responsibilities but none of the thirteen indicated that they suffered from a disability.