Civil Litigation & Claims

Our Claims Litigation Partner is Peter Humphris This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Disputes between people can arise in a number of ways and at Abels we are here to help try to bring about their successful resolution whether by negotiation, arbitration, mediation or by taking matters to court.

We have a wide experience of dealing with all types of disputes such as those involving partnership and company problems, arguments over property, debt collecting, claims against a deceased’s estate, problems with neighbours, licensing issues and much else besides.

Both private and legally aided work are undertaken here and we are experienced in dealing with insurers under legal expenses insurance.

Personal Injury

We know the pain and suffering resulting from personal injury are real, and that money is not the cure, but in so far as it can compensate we aim to provide help to pursue a claim you may have, and to do so professionally and speedily.

We operate a small Personal Injury service which enables us to give the individual care and attention your case deserves.

We have experience acquired over many years of handling the straight-forward road traffic accident, through accidents in the workplace, trips on the street, industrial disease (particularly asbestos-related cases) through to large-scale claims.

As there is no legal aid available we can assist in talking through the variety of funding options available.

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes can occur due to actions taken by both employers and employees. Common disputes can arise because of employee gross misconduct, or unfair dismissal by the employer. Both businesses and employees benefit from our advice and assistance in the ever-changing field of employment law. If you would like to learn more about our Employment Law Solicitors, please visit our Employment Dispute Page

Housing & Tenancy Disputes

We offer Legal Aid to those clients who are entitled to assistance.

All aspects of tenancy agreements are dealt with whether it is drafting new tenancy agreements, serving Section 21 notices or Section 8 notices. We can assist with all types of Possession proceedings whether you rent a property or have mortgage possession proceedings.

We are able to offer assistance with Housing Disrepair claims against private or public landlords and we can provide assistance to clients who are suffering harassment, unlawful eviction, homelessness or overcrowding.

We act for both landlords and tenants, and can offer a service that sees your case through from start to finish.